Orthopedic rubber for work stations

Rubber mats designed for work stations, to ease stress from prolonged standing, and for areas where there is a danger of slipping. The mats are particularly durable and last many years.

• Prevents slipping on wet surfaces
• Recommended for standing work stations
• Eases strain on the workers’ feet
• Insulates against heat and cold
• Corrosion-proof
• No installation required
• Easy to pick up and move when necessary
• Easy cleaning and maintenance

יתרונות גומי חורים:
• מיועד‭ ‬למשטחים‭ ‬חלקים
• שטח‭ ‬פנים‭ ‬מחוספס‭ ‬למניעת‭ ‬החלקה
• הקלת‭ ‬עומס‭ ‬בעמידה‭ ‬ממושכת
• ניקוז‭ ‬בתחתית‭ ‬השטיח
• נוח‭ ‬לטיפול‭ ‬וניקוי
• לא‭ ‬נדרשת‭ ‬התקנה


Thickness Dimensions
17 mm 950×1700 mm

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