Ceiling fans for industry

The fans feature very low electricity consumption (0.35-2.2 kW) and HVLS – high volume low speed. The fans meet all the strictest European standards and are of the highest quality and have exceptional safety features. Every blade has a patented safety device in the event that anything touches the blade. Bulltech strictly adheres to the highest safety standards.‬

Special features:
• Very low energy consumption
• Command and control panel in Hebrew
• Very quiet motor
• Option to add blades (up to 10 blades per fan)
• Option to switch fan blade sizes
• Lightweight, aerodynamic PVC (or aluminum) fan blades
• Speed adjuster is part of control panel and is protected from corrosion and vibration, for easy care and maintenance
• Patented adjustable blade pitch for maximum area coverage

Diameter (cm) Material Number of blades Center diameter (mm) Motor/ gear output (kW) Fixed magnet motor (kW) Air capacity (m3/h) Effective area covered
300 AL/PVC 10-5 330 0.75 0.35 102,000/104,000 12
400 AL/PVC 10-5 330 0.75 0.50 151,000/154,000 16
500 AL/PVC 10-5 330 1.5 0.75 255,000/260,000 20
600 AL/PVC 10-5 330 1.5 1 326,000/332,000 24

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