Waste treatment

Bulltech offers a wide range of products for moving, storing and treating cattle manure

Manure pumping, spreading and burying tankers

The tankers facilitate the pumping of the cow manure directly from the waste containment area or storage pit and the spreading of the manure in fields.

Special features:
• High capacity vacuum pump – 11,000 to 13,800 liters per minute
• Galvanizes at 480 degrees Celsius
• Wide back operating door – 950 museum
• Hydraulic valves for pumping and spreading
• Integrated hydraulic brakes
• Option for top filling opening
• Double safety mechanism for preventing overfilling and damage to pump
• Option for burying in the ground during spreading
• Hydraulic pumping arm
• Sizes: 3,000 liters – 24,000 liters
• Quick and easy operation
• Control of pumping and spreading from driver’s cabin

Other Products

Submersible Slurry mixer

submersible pump for pumping manure

Cow manure separator