Automatic rope manure scraper

Single or double

General technical specifications:
• Scraper pulled with a polypropylene rope, rolled on a winch
• The winch is powered by an electric motor, controlled by an electronic control system

Automatic system:
• Scraper units (one or two)
• Two motors with winches
• 18mm twisted rope
• Pulleys for guiding the rope
• Smart electronic command system

• The scraping system can be installed in walkways in sheds and in channels that drain the manure from the walkways to a central collection pit
• The scraping system can be operated in a single walkway up to 180 meters long, or in two parallel walkways up to 90 meters long in a single shed.

Electronic control system:
• The scraper has a unique electronic system, for flexible operation of the scraper
• The system features maximum safety in the event of contact with a cow
• If the scraper stops operating, the control system displays details of the malfunction
• Easy-to-program control system, for adapting scraper to the conditions in any cowshed.

• Disconnected rope is easy to repair or replace
• Quiet operating system
• Easy installation and maintenance
• The scraper is low and moves slowly, and does not bother the cows
• Low energy consumption
• The scraping system can be easily installed in old, sloping walkways
• The scraping system can be installed on full or partially rubber walkways
• Suitable for any cowshed

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